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"I just want to say 'wow' on your delivery! I'm excited to implement your great strategy, tips, and pointers to optimize our event campaign -- you did a phenomenal job, thank you!"
Heather O.
Senior MIS and Project Manager

Client Details:

CEG Worldwide is a the world’s leading coaching firm for financial advisors. They help financial advisors build simple, elegant wealth management businesses that serve their affluent clients extremely well while building lives of significance for themselves, their teams and their loved ones. CEG Worldwide is owned and run by John Bowen, a widely recognized leader in the financial services industry. 

Project Focus:

CEG Worldwide holds in-person, bi-annual retreats, and in 2020 they decided to hold the event virtually. They partnered with a financial advisor-specific publication to generate interest within that target audience. The cost to attend the event is minimal and on stage they upsell the audience to their core services. Partners in Marketing was tasked with looking at the results of their last event, held in May 2021, to provide an analysis of their current funnel to drive attendance, and strategies for how to optimize for the next one.


  • For the Retreats – Increase revenue via ticket sales and upselling on stage
  • For the Optimization – Increase conversions (registrations to the events)

Partners in Marketing To-Do List:

  1. Since the pandemic-induced shutdown, virtual events have proven to be a viable approach for this market. CEG Worldwide tasked us with providing strategies for generating increased interest in their virtual events.
  2. Strategies on how to improve results at each stage of the retreat process.
  3. Provide a report for CEG to implement our suggested improvements for their next event (Sept 2021).
  4. Review results post-event.

Services Provided:

Strategy & Planning
Email Marketing

Partners in Marketing Solution:

We produced an in-depth 17-page report that covered a detailed analysis of the following:
  • Research into current email statistics for the Financial Advisor industry
  • CEG’s and CEG’s partner’s campaign email results from the May event
  • Sales playbook scripts, ads, email outreach, landing page, reminders, and follow-up emails
  • Conversion rates from all sources
  • Competitor activities
  • Tracking and reporting advice
  • A/B testing recommendations
  • Strategies for how and when to promote the different pricing levels, sequencing, number of emails, and cadence, layout and design of emails, landing page, and ads
  • Strategies for reminders and follow-up approach, incentives, and for a promotional video

We also produced a multi-worksheet spreadsheet that included:

  • Sequencing and cadence of the email campaign
  • Goals of each email
  • Suggested copy and thought starters for each email for subject line, preview text, inline header, body copy, visuals, and CTAs

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