Innovation Women:
The Largest Online Female Speakers Bureau

"I needed to generate leads for my startup. Mary Beth conceived of, built, and ran a new webinar series for my community of female speakers and generated thousands of registrants and hundreds of new leads. Her approach to strategy and detail in planning and execution made it easy for me to be hands-off so I could focus on running the business. The webinar program has been a big hit and is still a big community driver today after three years running."
Bobbie C.

Client Details:

Innovation Women is a membership-based online speakers’ bureau for entrepreneurial, technical, and professional women. Their mission is to provide equal visibility opportunities for women, supporting career development, business success, thought leadership, and diversity. They help event managers drive diversity onstage and avoid the all-male, all-pale and all-stale panels we see so often at industry conferences and events. 

Project Focus and Goals:

Innovation Women is a startup with a very loyal following and a limited budget. Over the years, they have built a large member and non-member email list and communicate and nurture this list frequently. 
Innovation Women wanted to accomplish:
  • Expand their reach to a new audience of technical and professional women
  • Provide an additional, valuable, and relevant service for their members

Partners in Marketing To Do List:

Our strategy included planning and implementation:
  • Outreach to members for speaking slots
  • Set a schedule, determined topics
  • Set up the process for pre- and post- webinar
  • Worked with each speaker individually, reviewed presentations and advised on content
  • Ran training and rehearsal sessions on the platform
  • Promoted each webinar through email, social media, and website
  • Tracking applied to all the links for analysis purposes

Services Provided:

Strategy & Planning
Lead Generation
Social Media
Reporting & Analysis


  • We analyzed the webinar results after each event, after six months we performed an in-depth analysis of the topics people were most interested in, the sources that drove the most registrants, the length of time the webinars were watched, and more.
  • We used our analysis to adapt and create next year’s plan
  • In the first six months, the webinar series brought in 2K+ registrants, 1.3K+ unique users, and 200+ new users to Innovation Women’s database
  • The series is so successful, it’s in its third year! 

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