Cut it Out

Moving cross-country, or anywhere really, forces you to downsize. When I moved earlier this year I took only half my belongings, the other half sits in storage. Packing that half was somewhat planful and somewhat not so much. If there was a box marked “kitchen pans” then I didn’t open it and put it aside marked “CA”. Other boxes I went through with a fine-toothed comb.
So, when my stuff finally arrived in CA, it was like Christmas. Opening boxes and finding things that were not part of the “contents” list. Mostly small items. While unpacking, I found a pair of scissors. And another. And another. And more. Multiple pairs of scissors. I had scissors up the wazoo! I knew I had a few pairs, but this seemed excessive. Now I’m wondering just how many scissors did I leave behind in the boxes my storage unit? Yikes!
Scissors are useful for a lot of tasks. But you might be surprised to know that they were designed to CUT. I took this as a sign. A message. I mean, I did “cut” the stuff I live and surround myself with by at least half. Maybe I needed to cut other things from my life that are unnecessary.
Here are some thoughts:
  • What can you cut out of your life that’s not serving you, your values, and your goals?
  • What can you stop doing that you think you should do but you don’t?
  • What unnecessary “stuff” in your surroundings can you cut out so you can reshape what’s remaining?
  • Which people can you stop hanging out with who bring you down and hold you back?
  • What stressors can you cut out to bring you more peace and joy in your day?
  • And, for if you’re a marketer, which tactics can you stop doing — ones that aren’t working and are just excess? Perhaps there’s something lurking in that empty space that you’ll find works better.
But, scissors are also good for reshaping things. When you cut something out, you’re left with the space to reshape and create anew. I’m still in the process of cutting out “stuff,” downsizing and simplifying my life to have room for what matters. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.
What do you need to cut out?

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