Improve Results

A thorough review, analysis, and recommendations on a current funnel you’re running can have a significant impact on the results. Whatever the campaign and whatever your business, improving your conversion rate by just 1% could make the difference of thousands of dollars in increased revenue.

Unbiased Review

With an unbiased look at all the funnel assets, strategies, and sequencing, we can identify gaps and opportunities to help improve your funnels and all the related assets – including emails, landing pages, ads, and social posts.

Expert Guidance

We provide expert guidance on industry best practices, funnel creation, right down to the detail of the email subject lines and CTAs.

We can look at funnels with the goals of event registration, PDF downloads, subscription sign-ups, product purchases, or whatever it is your goal is.

The Funnel Optimization Package includes:

  • A 90-minute discovery call to discuss goals and funnel details
  • One detailed report that includes:
    • An objective evaluation of your campaign assets including strategy, emails, landing and confirmation pages and process, ads, lead magnet, social posts, and follow-up approach
    • Insights into industry benchmarks and how you compare
    • Analysis of current asset performance KPIs and results
  • One detailed document that includes:
    • Recommendations for email cadence, sequence length, subject lines, CTAs, and imagery
  • Recommendations on tracking and testing for future insight gathering
  • A 60-minute call to review the reports
Package Pricing: $2,750

Answer These Questions and More:

“How can I improve my funnel results?”

“How is my email performance compared to others in my industry?”

“How can I encourage registrants to actually attend my event?”

“Should I work with partners to promote my event?”

“Is my landing page turning people away?”

“How can I increase open and clickthrough rates?”


“How can I track my funnel to get the right insights for measurement?”

“How can I improve my messaging to compel users to take action?”

“Should I have more than one CTA?”

Which funnel do you need optimized?