Eliminate Confusion

Our Marketing Trail Map is a necessary first step for many companies who are looking to grow but are unsure of which steps to take. We can help eliminate the confusion and quickly point you down the right path.

Recently Asked Yourself These Questions?

“Where do I start?”

“Given my situation which way should I turn next in my marketing efforts?”

“How do I choose what to do based on my budget?”

What is the Marketing Trail Map?

A trail map is a drawing or real-time aid used to help with navigation, typically showing a particular area of land as it would appear if you looked at it from above. The Marketing Trail Map, then, is the result of a high-level look at your business through the lens of your goals and marketing efforts, and is designed to help you prioritize your projects, identify quick wins, and determine an immediate path forward for your marketing efforts.

Align Your Priorities

We use The Marketing Trail Map to align on where you are currently, your priorities, and the potentials paths to get there. Not to be confused with a marketing plan, it’s a guide, an aid, for you to identify and determine which marketing activities you should embark on to achieve your goals.

Create Your Path

Because every business is different, the path to reach you goals is going to be different from other businesses. Your path is just that – yours! Our Marketing Trail Map can help you determine your way forward in a sea of ever-changing marketing options.

The Marketing Trail Map includes:

  • 90-minute discovery call
  • Action plan outlining prioritized marketing activities based on your specific business, budget, and goals
  • Phased approach outline
  • Activities identified by cost and effort level
  • 90-minute Map review call
Package Pricing: $2,500

Do you want to find your right path?