Every business has different needs. When it comes to developing marketing programs that help you attract and convert prospects to customers, there is no cookie-cutter solution. However, every business needs to grow and retain their customer base, and when you partner with seasoned professionals like us, you can rely on our experience of what we’ve done for others as well as methods that may be trending in the marketplace.

We provide various engagement types so you can match your needs to how we can meet them.

Pick Our Brains

We offer a consultation service where we act as your sounding board and idea machine. Together we hash through your challenges, whether they are simple or complex. We can provide advice once we know a bit about your business and what goals you’re trying to achieve. We agree on a set of hours per month where you can call us whenever you’d like or have designated virtual conference calls on a schedule. Sometimes I call this your DIY option. You have questions about next steps — you call an expert for direction. This is charged on an hourly basis. (Also, see Packages below.)


Let’s say you need to get an email campaign out the door or you need some blogs written. If the project is well-defined, we offer services and pricing based on the project. These work well when you have a marketing program ready to go and you need to get it over the finish line, say you lose a resource temporarily. The benefit of this type of service is that there is a finite period to the project. (Also, see Packages below.)

Ongoing Engagements

This is where we really shine because the deeper we’re engaged with your business, your goals, and your customers, the more effective our services can become. We act as if we are embedded in your organization as part of the team, yet you pay much less overall when you outsource your marketing to us because you don’t pay the overhead of typical large marketing agencies, nor do you have to pay the cost of employing personnel. We can work on strategy, planning, campaign development, personas, content, and all the different channels needed for your brand presence. The work varies depending on your business, the customer you’re trying to attract, and your goals. This is typically charged through a retainer fee so it’s easy to predict the monthly spend throughout the year.

Marketing Packages

Clients have told us that having packages they can purchase makes it easy for them to plan and predict what they will pay and which services they will receive. So, we responded and have created the following packages:

  • Strategist Package
  • Assessments (Marketing, Website, Content, Brand, Social Media)
  • Sales Funnel Package

We hope to have more packages ready to launch soon and we’re always looking for suggestions.