Is Your Website Supporting Your Business Growth?

A Website Assessment can tell you what’s working and what isn’t. Imagine how a detailed and objective evaluation of how your website scores in five key areas can help your business achieve its goals.

Key Website Components

There are five key components that make up an effective website: branding, user experience, content, SEO, and analytics. Each individual category needs to act in concert with each other in order to support your business goals. These five components should be optimized for your customer’s journey to ensure acquisition and retention.

Ratings & Recommendations

We rate each criteria, each category, and the site overall. We provide insights on ways to improve each key category assessed. We pay special attention to the customer’s journey from when a visitor first lands on your site to making the decision to buy your product or service. We look for numerous ways to increase engagement using diverse digital marketing methods.

Project Action Plan

Our action plan includes next steps and gives concise ways to meet your intended goals. It contains both short-term and long-term prioritized recommendations of how and when to implement these next steps keeping in mind your resources and ways our team can help move your marketing efforts forward.

The Website Assessment Package includes:

  • 40+ criteria in 5 categories reviewed and rated
  • Comprehensive, multi-page report that includes a detailed scorecard
  • Prioritized action plan, recommendations, and next steps
  • 60-minute consultation and review call
Package Pricing: $2,500

Answer These Questions and More:

“How can I expand my reach to new prospects using my website?”

“Does my site resonate with my target audience?”

“Does my brand come through on my site the way I want it to?”

“Why is no one visiting my site?”

“Is my landing page turning people away?”

“How can I discover insights about my site traffic and be best set up to be found on Google?”

“How can I improve my messaging to compel users to take action?”

“What should I focus on first to improve my website for optimal lead generation?”

“Why is no one converting on my site?”

Find Out How Your Site Can Work Harder